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November 6, 2008

Situation :
1 dedicated TV-server with 3 (virtual) DVB-IP cards. running 1.4.0
3 clients running 1.4.0 connect to the server.

When scheduling recordings, I should be able to record 3 programs simultaneously, but when I schedule a 4th program it does not inform me on a scheduling conflict. How can I set that up?

Another issue I am having is when i schedule 2 programs back-to-back on the same channel.
Example Program AAA from 19:00 til 20:00 and program BBB from 20:00 til 21:00. Because there are 7 minutes PRO and 10 minutes POST recording set up for all recordings the actual recording ends up like this :
Program AAA 18:53 till 20:10 and program BBB 20:10 till 21:10.
Can i change this so that as long as there are enough free tuners it will record every program with the pre and post buffers ?

Please let me know if you want to see logs (for the recording, is the conflict check done server side or client side?)



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