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  • August 9, 2012
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    MY TV is not the issue. The HDMI source is set to "PC".
    Further to the comments by mm1352000 while I know settings names differ between manufactures but on my display (Philips TV) the PC and Game settings have no impact on resolution etc. it is to do with pixel format, the key setting for me is under Picture Format which needs to be set to "Unscaled".


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    February 28, 2012
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    1: Because at the time of taking the screenshot I was troubleshooting the different settings, you genius.

    2: Overscan and Underscan is not specific to CRT monitors. Hence the existence of both in 2018. I don't have a CRT, yet have this issue.... Seems self-evident.

    3: I use 12noon because the DRRC created an issue with the HDMI handshake process between the PC and my receiver, causing the DRCC to respond erratically at times. If the MP DRRC was working perfectly, why on Earth would I need to have gone out of my way to utilize 12noon you clown...... PS: To humour you I removed the 12noon scripts. The result was the original problem I had years ago resurfacing and it didn't absolve the current issue.

    4: *removed by admin due to inappropriate language used*

    5: Problem solved. Backed up my Mediaportal library, re-installed a fresh copy of Mediaportal, using all of the same plugins and bat files. No scaling issues.

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    Your use of language and your tone throughout this short thread is conclusive evidence that you're an insecure and lonely doucheb@g with a blatant intellectual inferiority complex. You clearly have no interest in helping me or providing any form of constructive support. So you can go ahead and f$%k yourself whilst I proceed to fix the problem myself.
    I couldn't understand how you could say this about the most helpful guy here.
    I've reported your post to mods.


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    I unreservedly apologise for all my language and tone that caused you frustration. I was genuinely trying to help, and [again] I'm sorry if what I said did not come across that way. Great that you found a solution to the problem you were facing - thanks for sharing the details.
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