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January 19, 2011
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Hi guys,

I have some question.
In the Titan Skin Extended Editor I've the possibility to select some tile category (i.e. movie, series, ...). Is it possible to add some own "categories" or is it possible to say that I want some specific tile instead of the tile of the category?
So let's say like the possibilty to choose some own fanart by browsing on the hdd.

I would like to have separate entries for movies, videos, series, home videos , Youtube etc. It would be really cool not to have the same tile for every button.

Thx for your hints and help :)


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    I'm already doing this. Just add the tile image in the root folder similar to other extension tile images (eg. online videos, infoservice, etc) and the titan editor picks it up as an option. It will also pick up images you place in the categories but be sure to create duplicate images for both titan and titan extended theme category folder.
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