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January 16, 2005
Hi everybody, this thread comes most closely to my stutterin

Hi All,

Hello Seppie, maybe you remember me from the sat4all forums. I purchased another 'small' pc to experiment with mediaportal. And i'm using the patches you gave me for simultanious terminal sessions in winxp and +10 tcp connections. Still many thanx for those !

Now my next question, I also have the problem of stuttering. And when I choose the newest Skin "BlueTwo" i've got is more then the older "mce" skin.

My setup is:
Amd Xp 2000
Windows XP Sp2
Skystar 2 DVB-S tvcard
SiS 651 (onboard vga card with shared memory << Could this Be the problem of flickering for me?)
Followed up the instructions on this page http://nolanparty.com/mediaportal.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=541&highlight=mpeg+drivers
and now i have Video and Audio codec "InterVideo Video Decoder" and "InterVideo Audio Decoder".

Strange thing is that the setup i had yesterday i installed a "klmcodec120.exe" 20 codecpack, stuttering was much more but the video quality of tv was Much Much better !

In all my circumstances my DVBviewer which came with the Skystar card (and also progdvb) work flawless sharp and low cpu load.

Do you guy's (Seppie and or Flipger) know if in the latest release these OSD problems are still in it could cause stuttering?

At the end i think I have to put in a normal Real AGP card... instead of that onboard shared memory one...

Regards Tom


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  • April 27, 2004
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    Hi Tom,

    there are still stuuterings especially in My TV Guide.

    But i also think, that your problems come from the onBoard graphics. And do not install codec packs! They can screw up your system. It is not a good idea to install something like that.

    Flickering? What do you mean with that? Flickering OSD occurs, when you use a skin which has transparancy (like BlueTwo) and not using VMR9. Overlay does not support transparency.

    HTH, Flip.


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    January 16, 2005
    Awesome!I was wondering what you could do with VMR9 Awesome

    Hello FlipGer,

    I tried a few things tonight to resolve the Stuttering (for me the same as flickering).

    1. I increased the shared memory from 64 to 128 Mb.
    2. I changed overlay to VMR9 back and forth... No Result.
    3. Installed new Video card (Ati Radeion 7500 , had one in the closet)
    4. Installed newest drivers, mediaportal was still in Overlay mode
    5. When watching TV without Timeshifting it stil looke blurry (artifacts like a bad Divx movie), when i switched to Timeshift watching it looked promising....
    6. I enabled VMR9 again, stuttering was allmost zero, and the feature on the home screen to "See the TV in the background" of your news reader amazed me !

    Still, when i tested I let the Task Manager running. So when i stop testing i look at the processor graph. It hits 100% often... I'm conluding that when it hits 100% I get the Stutter....

    Isn;t my configuration not good enough? Maybe i should Use another codec for playback? As mentioned before I still use "InterVideo Video Decoder" and "InterVideo Audio Decoder".

    I read about not installing a codec Pack... on that same install page http://nolanparty.com/mediaportal.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=541&highlight=mpeg+drivers

    But without a codec pack i;m missing this option:Configure>>Television>>Capture Cards>>Select card and press Edit>>Tab Codecs and there is nothing in the Video Codec field.

    When i tried MP earlier with a video codec pack installed ther was divx4. I cannot change it.

    You also have allmost the same hardware as mine except for the TV card. What is your processor peaks when using timeshifted television viewing?

    Best Regards

    Tom from Netherlands

    Thanx for your advice and help !!!


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    December 6, 2004
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    hi onedutch..
    Ofcourse i remember you :)

    Well, first of all, dump the codecpacks... They are no more then just plain trouble...
    Also, I don't know what you mean with that tab with the codecs.. Cause when you are in MyTV it only uses MPEG2 decoders like for instance, cyberlink or intervideo or NVidia DVD...
    And when you record something from TV to HDD it dumps RAW mpeg2 from the SAT to the HDD and uses that same MPEG2 decoder to play it again.
    So the only thing that can explain the better quality is that that codec pack has a better MPEG2 decoder then that you normally use.
    Also, indeed never use Overlay mode, cause that causes flickering.

    At the moment, thanx to flipger, The Normal OSD and ZapOSD are mostly "flicker" free. Although there is a small problem with the TVDatabase sometimes becoming to large because of EPG data and causing stuttering during zapping or TVGuide screen.

    This is a known issue and at the moment just a fact.
    Hey, dont forget.. It's still Alpha ;)

    I have a similar PC like yours and have stuttering aswell, although it's not annoying (except for in the TVGuide).
    So maybe its best to start with a clean PC or at least get rid of those Codec packs..

    But anyways, the better quality is maybe indeed coming from the codec pack cause of a better MPEG2 decoder, but try finding a seperate MPEG2 decoder that's equally good instead of the decoder pack.

    I prefer InterVideo WinDVD 6 for DVD watching, but for TV i prefer NVIDIA... But it's all about taste when it comes to quality :)


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    January 16, 2005
    I didn't install any codec pack on my current installed conf

    Hi All,

    To be clear, i tried a codec pack in a former installation. The current config i;m running doesn't include a codec pack. I kept myself strictly to the guide rules of http://nolanparty.com/mediaportal.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=541&highlight=mpeg+drivers and there is also a Big Warning "Don't use them"

    But now is my next question, how can i check which Mpeg Decoder "My TV" is using? And reading your posting i expect that there are different decoders out there.

    Because i use a small touchscreen with 800x600 resolution i don;t need support for huge Plasma Panels. So maybe there is a mpeg decoder which only decodes to 800x600 and doesn;t need full processing power of my processor?

    How can i Switch Mpeg decoder? Trough Radlight? and register another mpeg decoder? I now registered a "elecard MPEG mpeg2dmx.ax" file.

    Another stupid question (IMHO) how can I generate those impressive Log Files ? Which shows the inner working of MP?

    I'm sensing also a performance drop because of using a seca2 scam can you confirm that Seppie? Or don't you use any softcam?

    Take Care

    Tom from Holland

    (If I can attribute in any way, i;m willing to test things and or format and reinstall mij Mediaportal machine)


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    December 6, 2004
    The Netherlands
    Well, in the configuration section of MyTV you can select which MPEG2 decoder it should use..

    So you don't need RADlight or whatever.. You can select one of the mpeg2 decoders manually from decoders that you have installed.

    And yeah, there are many decoders out there like Windvd 6, ndvd 2.55, cyberlink powerDVD, elecard MPEG2, GPL free mpeg2 decoder etc.

    Quality and performance depends from pc to pc and on what other settings you have (deinterlacing etc).

    Log files are always being made automatically..
    You can see these in the mediaportal dir in the log subdir.

    so, when having bugs or problems, you can get the log here...

    As about softcams, The forum is not really the place to talk about that, since it's illegal.
    Best PM me about that :)
    But I think I can say staying within the rules of the Forum, that softcam's most definatly slow down your pc.. But knowing your specs, it should still be adequate..

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