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April 6, 2013
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Hi Guys,

I just setup mediaportal server on my htpc to use as a back end for XBMC. Now I have a couple questions mostly regarding hardware acceleration.

Initially I had tried NextPVR (sorry) quickly realized that i needed to setup softpvr as they call it in order to use my TV Tuner in analog mode because I don't have, and refuse to have a cable receiver attached to my HTPC and have 2 boxes to handle 1 thing. I'm limited to 70 channels this way but it's more than I watch

So now my question. I'm using a Hauppauge HVR2250 in analog mode, my understanding is that this mode relies on software encoders?

I have the options between a 1gb Nvidia GT210, or a Radeon 4350. Because I'm using MP as a TV server/PVR, is there any particular advantage to be gained from either card through the combination of codecs or other encoders supporting hardware acceleration? I was browsing the wiki and noticed some information about the ATI software encoder? but then there's the LAV codec which support nvidia cuda and DXVA2, but for DXVA2 it says it needs a radeon 6000 or greater, where the XMBC wiki says it will support DXVA2 on my radeon 4350 or the nvidia card GT210

I'm just getting confused with some of the information, and could use some help deciphering things because the more i seem to read, the more i seem to be jumbling it up

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