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October 25, 2005
I keep seeing people's success with MP and their AIW cards, but what about Nvidia's equivalent? The Personal Cinema Line?

I have got mine to work and it seems ok. It features a Conexant CX25875 chipset and can do FM as well as TV. Really a great card, and it is about the graphics poer equivalent of a decent radeon 9600 pro.

I am, however, disapointed that I can't record at all with this setup. When i press record, it pretty much locks up and the screen goes black. Could it be the card?


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  • April 22, 2004
    You probably tried this by yourself, but this is what the search gives you:

    It seems, that they all say that the card does not work in mp.

    There is one post about the capturecard defintions.xml. So it might be possible to add support.

    Talk to dman on irc-channel

    There is a thread about how the info you will be asked to provide. you´ll need a prog called graphedit for this.


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