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February 26, 2009
I have recently installed the tv-server and a client in the livingroom. I have noticed that the picture quality in livetv is kind of blurry compared to the old fashioned dvb receiver. I tried to look at a hockey game through the mp but i had to switch to the dvb-receiver. It was difficult to see the puck... Where should i start to investigate to tune up the systems to have a better picture quality in livetv.

In the server I have the following hardware:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual 4600+
2 GB Ram
Graphic is ATI Radeon X1650
DVB: 2x Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-HD-S2
decoder: Powerdvd9

In the client I use a Mac mini (not sure of the exact hardware config
Intel Dual core
Intel 945 graphics
decoder: Powerdvd9

All suggestions are welcome.
Regards Thomas :confused:


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March 6, 2007
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have you tried using MPTVserver config to automatically detect your tv's optimum settings? i had issues with the picture quality in live TV when i first installed MP but i used the config to detect the best settings for me and it was very smooth after that.


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May 13, 2008
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I get bad picture quality with ATI drivers unless I disable "Noise filter" in Catalyst Control Center/AVIVO.


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