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June 21, 2005
I just need to rant!

After weeks getting MediaPortal to work (it turned out to be dodgy drivers) I finally achieve that today./ Went to plug in the remote so I could set that up and found Pinnacle had put the socket so close to the edge of the card that plugging it in levered of the chassis of my PC and ripped the socket from the board.

I've been messing around for so long I can't return it to th shop so I'm stuck with return to manufacturer. Who going on their customer forums will deny any problem and refuse to fix it.

This is all too similar to when I had a mobile phone with the pin in the power socket less than 1mm diameter, unsuprisingly it broke after a couple of months and after returning the otherwise functional handset to the manufacturers they sent it back, still broken, refusing to fix it as it had water damage. The phone had never been anywhere near water and on futher phone calls the company explained that it has a indicator inside that changed colour on contact with water but "was occasionally triggered by humid conditions" .

I digress. So pisssed with pinnacle, initially bought the card as it had a nice remote. If I wasn't so broke at the moment I'd go out and buy another card tomorrow and bin this horrible bit of hardware.

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