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March 14, 2005
Hi !

MP did work fine on my older system (Intel 865PE chipset, NVidia 5700 video card, AGP) but on my new system (Nvidia Nforce 4, Ati X1600XT, PCIe) MP somehow scews up.

With default settings, MP does not even play any kind of video, the configuration app does not even start up (click on it, nothing happens).

If I add Mediaportal and the configuration app to the DEP (Data execution prevention) exception list, then they at least start up and work somehow.

This should not be necessary, after all DEP is active by default on all newer systems.

Still, even when added to th exception list, watching TV is more like a slideshow and gets worse after time. Using VMR9 renderless, have tried VMR7. Intervideo decoders. Dscaler works fine so the problem is not with the drivers also ZoomPlayer plays videos with VMR9 windowless and renderless without any problems.

I am using a Hauppauge PVR500 by the way and MP 0.2. RC2.

Luckily recording seems to work fine :lol:

Thanks for your help !

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