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Discussion in 'General Support' started by Frank Laczko, March 24, 2012.

  1. Frank Laczko

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    February 3, 2012
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    I have searched and searched and not found an answer to this. It's probably there but I can't find it, so my apologies for posting this in advance - also very new to MP so please excuse me if this is a simple stupid question

    I have an oddity with sorting going on. I have MP 1.2.2 installed under windows XP. I have not changed the sort order at all. No additional plugins or mods

    If I click on a directory and tell it to play all the videos in the directory, then select sort by name when asked, it plays them out of order.

    Here is an example of the directory in question:

    Stargate Universe_S02E01 - Intervention (Pt 3).avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E02 - Aftermath.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E03 - Awakenings.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E04 - Pathogen.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E05 - Cloverdale.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E06 - Trial And Error.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E07 - The Greater Good.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E08 - Malice.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E09 - Visitation.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E10 - Resurgence (Pt 1).avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E11 - Deliverance (Pt 2).avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E12 - Twin Destinies.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E13 - Alliances.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E14 - Hope.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E15 - Seizure.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E16 - The Hunt.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E17 - Common Descent.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E18 - Epilogue.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E19 - Blockade.avi
    Stargate Universe_S02E20 - Gauntlet.avi

    Both Windows explorer and DOS directory listing (DIR) sort it correctly when told to sort by name, but for some reason when I tell MP to play the directory, sorting by name it always starts at episode 12

    Anyone have any ideas why MP is doing this?

    Thanks in advance :)
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  3. Frank Laczko

    Frank Laczko Portal Member

    February 3, 2012
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    wow - 4 months and not even a single response.....

    Does anyone help support MediaPortal?

    This problem is still ongoing. Another example:

    E01 - Two Tribes One Camp No Rules.avi
    E02 - Total Dysfunction.avi
    E03 - One World is Out the Window.avi
    E04 - Bum Puzzled.avi
    E05 - A Bunch of Idiots.avi
    E06 - Thanks for the Souvenir.avi
    E07 - The Beauty in a Merge.avi
    E08 - Just Annihilate them.avi
    E09 - Go Out with a Bang.avi

    You would think with the file naming it would play in order. Nope - it plays E02, then E01, then E04, then E09

    Getting more than a little frustrated and about to reload everything and go back to Media Center and My Movies rather than MediaPortal since it's works better and so far, has MUCH better support.

    Can anyone please help me to figure this out???? I have searched the DOCs and the forum but don't know what I am doing wrong or how to fix this.

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