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Frank Laczko

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February 3, 2012

I looked for this but did not find anything that matched what I am seeing.

I have a directory on my media storage device that is available to the Mediaportal HTPC via a network share, that directory is PIN protected and if I try to go into that directory via the videos screen it works fine, asking me for my PIN and denying entry if not given.

However, I noticed the following (I am using a MS Media Center Remote so will reference those keys):

Start MediaPortal on the HTPC, select Videos
Go into the PIN protected directory, asked for PIN as it should, enter PIN, granted access
Select a video, hit the info button, select "add to playlist"
Go into the current playlist, save the playlist inside MediaPortal so it can be called up at a later time
Exit MediaPortal on the HTPC to clear the entered PIN
Start MediaPortal on the HTPC
Go into the Videos area from the main MediaPortal Screen, left cursor to bring up popup list (Layout, sort by, etc..)
Scroll down to playlists, select, shows my saved playlists
Select a playlist that has PIN protected content - *NO PIN ASKED* and the PIN Protected Content plays

oops? or by design?


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