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August 22, 2011
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Hi all,

is there some development documentation anywhere that covers more than the wiki? Class diagrams? Package diagrams? Big picture overviews? For a beginner in MP / plugin development life is really hard. ;)

I am at the beginning of the development of a new very simple plugin, but the documentation I found is not very complete in my opinion which ends up in a lot of trial and error loops.

I'm hoping that you can point me to some more information. :)



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    MP is a typical legacy app... What code documentation there is does not always match reality and there are lots of areas with no documentation at all. There is no real API for plugins to work with so a lot of development is unfortunately trial and error :(

    Start off with's_Guide

    The GUIControls demo is a good starting place to understand how to interact with MP. Also look at other plugins (most are open source) to see how they do things.

    If you have specific questions just ask and someone will probably have an idea

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