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June 6, 2008
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trying soon

thanks for this piece, first of all..

I will try this one out in the next days, but as i read till here, this mod will be another point in th menu, isnt it?
So heres my first feature request ;)
Wouldnt i t be great to plug the UPNP ressources found over the local net directly into the Media Repos?
Like putting a hhok in the config pane like
o include UPNP ressources
--->o video
--->o photo
--->o music

And then a background process searches for all ressoruces (or at least entry points like the first) and fits them into the whole local data (transient)
if this is already done, please put shame on me mugging up here ;))



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October 8, 2009
Hey all,

I have this plugin and the videolan plugin installed.

Streaming video from my tversity media server works fine, and thats really nice...

However, when I try to play a audio file, mp goes fullscreen black, and becomes unresponsive.

Has anyone else had this issue? I have unchecked both boxes in the VLC config under OSD, this helped the video play but the audio is still freezing mp fullscreen black, the only thing I can do to is alt+f4 to quit mp.

Thanks in advance,


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