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Which external video player are you using?

  • mxPlayer

    Votes: 35 54.7%
  • vPlayer

    Votes: 9 14.1%
  • MoboPlayer

    Votes: 6 9.4%
  • DicePlayer

    Votes: 11 17.2%
  • RockPlayer

    Votes: 3 4.7%

  • Total voters


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  • September 11, 2007
    Austria Austria
    As you know, when it comes to video playback within aMPdroid you have two choices
    • Use the internal video player (best performance, limited playback options and ui)
    • Use an external video player (no direct seeking, limited hardware encoding)
    There are lots of external video players out there, so I'd like to know which one you prefer and why... Which player has the best performance, which the best ui. Are you using the external player for media and tv or only for tv?

    If your favorite video player didn't make the list, write a comment and I will add it as an option.

    Internal Video Player
    I'm aware that the internal video player is no match to the external video players out there when it comes to ui or features and that many of you want a more complete internal player (I will try to improve it over time), however keep in mind that the video player is only a small part of aMPdroid and I have only so much time.

    However you can tell me here how you would improve the internal player, here's some of the things that are planned down the road:
    • Playlist support (for music videos, tv show seasons,...)
    • Controls for changing aspect ratio
    • Brightness/Volume control through swipe up/down
    • Better error handling


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    May 22, 2010
    Gold Coast
    Australia Australia
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    mate for me when i use mxPlayer on my Acer Iconia Tab a100 - dual core ntegra2 core it plays most videos in software mode whereas both Dice and vPlayer plays the same files in HW so thus the reason i use Dice / vPlayer. No real preference between Dice / vPlayer though.

    Hope that helps. :)


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  • August 4, 2007
    Spain Spain
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    I found DICE Player searching for HW acc on Tegra2 (I'm Asus Transformer TF101 user)... Now I use it also in my HTC Desire. Great performance... good UI.



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  • August 7, 2009
    Austria Austria
    the most important thing for the player is a runny playback of the most popular filetypes. Specially when you are streaming Live TV or recorded Shows its the .ts fileformat.
    The most players (also the integrated one) are not able to play this filetypes without problems.
    In my testphase only Vplayer and Diceplayer worked fine (Motorola Milestone + Motorola Xoom)

    Another cool thing would be to change the channel directly during the live TV stream, at the moment you must switch back, choose another channel, press play etc.


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    April 27, 2009
    Netherlands Netherlands
    I use the internal player, but when I have to choose one as a external I choose MX. It works great :)


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    July 19, 2008
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I use MxPlayer and i don't know if its my fone (HD2) but I can stream video files but they freeze occasionally, almost like the buffer is catching up. Maybe by phone isn't good enough to stream onto but I'm only using it for testing at the moment before I get my Xoom.


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    April 24, 2012
    Spain Spain
    For me (Dell Streak with Gingerbread) I find that *none* of the media players are particularly good - internal doesn't seem to play the streams at all, and of the externals only MoboPlayer and MXPLayer play the streams. Unfortunately, Mobo gets the audio out-of-sync and MX Player crashes the entire system (auto-reboot) after a couple of minutes. The rest of the players I've tried say "stream cannot be played". So... for me, this is an unusable feature so far :-( BUT GREAT WORK ANYWAY!!! :) :) Keep it up!!!


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    April 24, 2012
    Spain Spain
    correction - if I drop the quality down it streams to MX player just fine, but still not the internal player (media cannot be found, or somethign like that)


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    February 21, 2010
    correction - if I drop the quality down it streams to MX player just fine, but still not the internal player (media cannot be found, or somethign like that)
    I have exactly the same problem with the streaming on two devices a phone and tablet running 4.0.1 and 4.0.3 - I get MEDIA_ERROR_UNKNOWN...

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