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Would you be interested in a jukebox plug-in?

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    Votes: 20 71.4%
  • I might use one if it were available.

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December 31, 2008
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I would LOVE to see a Jukebox plug-in - one not for random playlists, but one that emulates a true jukebox. If there's a lack of user input, it will randomly select music from the specified folder, but once a user selects a new song, it will cross-fade to that song. Subsequently selected songs would queue up after that one.

With as excellent as HTPCs are for parties, this seems like a natural fit for me.

User interface would be similar to one of the touch-screen jukeboxes - the cover-art image, with artist and title displayed beneath the cover art. Maybe two rows of three columms?

I'm not much good at coding, but can handle myself in Photoshop, if anyone would be interested in tackling something like this.


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October 1, 2009
we almost have it. with the one button music plugin the random after idle time thing is there. the only problem is dynamic playlist does not work very well.

If a use picks a song using the 'select' button it wll cross fade immediately and abandon the previosly playing playlist / tracks. I think it would be easy to mod MP to correct his.

when a user selectes a song in the library...

1- if no playlist is active , start playing user song
2 - if playlist is active insert selected song as next song in the playlist and ask user to - play now or play after current song is over
3 - it cold be user selectable to put the selected song at teh end of the playlist or as the next song. Perhaps put it after the last HUMAN / USER selected giving user selected songs priority over random / scrobbled songs but not over eachother.

Right now by selecting a song completely disables whatever playlsit was active - and it is cumbersome to restart it from where it was interrupted. If this was fixed by adding logic like that stated above MP wold be a damn good music jukebox.

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