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Discussion in 'Moving Pictures' started by smarty12345, October 31, 2012.

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    Hi guys. I have a little issue.
    I seem to have multiple instances of certificate ratings showing up.
    If I use the movie editor view and filter on certificates I have two of every rating showing up.
    If I then select either of the two matching certs eg: 12A then I get the same list of movies associated.
    So it doesn't seem to be an issue with a slight difference in labeling. Like leaving a space between 12 and A.

    I wondered if anyone else had come across this issue or can think of a way I can resolve this.
    Its not affecting the playback or searching of movies etc. But it does confuse matters a bit if filtering movies by certificate as it shows the duplicate catagories from within mediaportal also.

    Thanks very much.
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    You can configure the combination of MediaPortal and Moving-Pictures in about a zillion different ways. The only way to solve your problem is to know more about your specific setup. This is what the log files are meant for, in specific the debug-verbosity log files. So please check the wiki/manual on how to generate debug enabled log files that capture your issue. If you just enable debug mode and start/stop MediaPortal, then it will still be impossible to help you. So enable debug mode, launch MePo, open MovPic, browse to a movie showcasing the problem and then close MePo and attach *ALL* the log files in a zip file to this thread.

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