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September 4, 2005
Is it possible to keep my working 0.1.3 install untouched, while installing the lastes CVS or whatever to check if it is working?

Im kind of worried bout loosing my settings now that it is finally close to doing what I want :)

Knut Inge


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  • April 27, 2004
    Leipzig, Germany
    Germany Germany

    yes. You can make a copy of your current working directory e.g /Team Media Portal/Media Portal_CVS/ and then apply the CVS on the copy and play with it (do not forget to run start.bat and setup!). That leaves your current installation untouched.

    If you want to install 0.2RC1(+CVS):
    - make a copy of your current directory e.g. /Team Media Portal/Media Portal_0.1.3/
    - uninstall 0.1.3
    - install 0.2RC1(+CVS)
    - play with it (do not forget to run start.bat and setup!)
    - running /Team Media Portal/Media Portal_0.1.3/mediaportal.exe still works!

    - uninstall 0.2
    - delete /Team Media Portal/ directory
    - install 0.1.3
    - copy your /Team Media Portal/Media Portal_0.1.3/ back

    HTH, Flip.

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