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October 14, 2005
Hi everyone, I'm new to this, and am interested in making my pc a part pc / part htpc.

I have a Geforce 6600GT graphics card with dual output, so I'm thinking of mounting my 19 inch monitor on the wall, and using it strictly as the media portal screen, and buying a small 15 inch monitor to use on my desk for email/browsing etc...

Anyway, I first need to buy a DVB card. I am in the UK and the signal strength in my area isn't that great. I will be buying an external wideband booster.

I'd like a PCI freeview card which works well with Media Portal. I have the nebula DigiTV and the Hauppage Nova-T in my sights at the moment.

I know there are many posts on TV cards on these forums, and I have indeed searched and read them all, but many of them date back to over a year ago. I'm sure the comptatability of some cards has improved by now.

So, please reply with a break down of your set-up and any problems you may have with it....


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