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December 26, 2005
What do i need to do to make my tv card work? It says it is a supported tv card, but it won't work for me. When i go to the configuration to add the card i get an error message saying "cannot create graph for device." I have MP 0.2 RC1 with Windows XP Pro SP2 and latest drivers.


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December 22, 2005
Copy 'CaptureCardDefinitions.xml' to 'CaptureCardDefinitions.xml.bak'. Then open up 'CaptureCardDefinitions.xml' and replace it with this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

  <capturecard commercialname="PowerColor Theater 550 Pro PCIe" capturename="ATI AVStream Analog Capture" devid="VEN_1002&amp;DEV_4D53&amp;SUBSYS_A3471002&amp;REV_00">
    <capabilities tv="true" radio="true" mpeg2="true" mce="false" sw="false" bda="false"></capabilities>
      <interface cat="mux" video="" audio="" mpeg2="0"></interface>
        <filter cat="tvtuner"    name="ATI AVStream Analog Tuner"		checkdevice="true"></filter>
        <filter cat="tvaudio"    name="ATI AVStream Analog TV Audio"	checkdevice="true"></filter>
        <filter cat="crossbar"   name="ATI AVStream Analog Xbar"		checkdevice="true"></filter>
        <filter cat="capture"    name="ATI AVStream Analog Capture"     checkdevice="true"></filter>
        <filter cat="mux"    	 name="ATI AVStream MPEG2 Multiplexer"  checkdevice="true"></filter>
        <connection sourcefilter="tvtuner"  sourcepin="0" sinkfilter="crossbar" sinkpin="0"></connection>
        <connection sourcefilter="tvtuner"  sourcepin="1" sinkfilter="tvaudio"  sinkpin="0"></connection>
        <connection sourcefilter="tvaudio"  sourcepin="0" sinkfilter="crossbar" sinkpin="3"></connection>
        <connection sourcefilter="crossbar" sourcepin="0" sinkfilter="capture"  sinkpin="0"></connection>
        <connection sourcefilter="crossbar" sourcepin="1" sinkfilter="capture"  sinkpin="1"></connection>
        <connection sourcefilter="capture"  sourcepin="4" sinkfilter="mux"      sinkpin="0"></connection>
        <connection sourcefilter="capture"  sourcepin="5" sinkfilter="mux"      sinkpin="1"></connection>


That's what I had to do to get mine to work. When I tried just adding in an entry for it, it wouldn't work. So I just replaced it all and it works.


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February 10, 2006
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Can this be added permanently?

I had this same problem using MP 0.2 RC2 with the CVS from March 2, 2006. Can this be added to the installed CaptureCardDefinitions.xml so others don't have to follow these steps?

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