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November 6, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
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Area: Media Portal Program / Powerscheduler
MP Version:
Skin: Blue Two
Windows Version: XP Pro SP2
CPU Type: Intel Celeron 2.66
Memory: 512MB Generic
Motherboard Chipset: MSI P4MAM2-V
Video Card: ATI Radeon 9250
Video Card Driver: Catalyst 05.10
Video Card Resolution: 1024x768
Video Render Type: VMR9
Video Codec Type & Version: Nero
Audio Codec Type & Version: MPEG/AC3/DTS/LPCM
TV Card: Compro Videomate DVB-T300
TV Card Type: DVB
TV Card Driver: ComproDTV2.6.0.9

I have the PowerScheduler working properly on my system using S3 Standby (Can't get it working for hibernate, motherboard doesn't have a setting for S4).
Anyway, I have a little problem because I want to program my remote control with the keyboard shortcuts, but in order for PowerScheduler to work, it needs to be on the home screen. My ultimate aim is to not use a mouse or keyboard at all.
What I would like to do is set the remote to return to the home screen before I put my system in standby, but there seems to be no key to take me directly to the home screen. The only way seems to be to press ESC.
I can program ESC into the remote easily enough, but I would have to press it a few times to get to the home screen, depending on what menu I am in.
Is there a shortcut key to take me from wherever I am directly to the home screen? Perhaps there are different skins with this button, or another plugin?
I am having trouble searching the forum because anything with the word HOME brings up every single post (1580 of them!) due to the shortcut at the top of the page for the MP homepage.



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August 25, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
You should be able to program a key for it through the Home plugin setup in configuration (Configuration -> Plugins -> Home -> Setup).

However, on my installation, everytime I return from S3 standby, it automatically returns me to the home screen...



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November 6, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
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Australia Australia
Thanks for the quick reply.
I'm sorry, but I don't see how to program a key in the Home plugin.
It has a list of menu shortcuts, but I can't see how to add a key to anything.
I'm not concerned about when my HTPC returns from standby. What I would like is to click a key to put it on the home screen when I'm finished watching so that it will either stay recording if something is recording, or go into standby after a few minutes if nothing is recording.


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  • February 16, 2005
    Try out the MyKeys plug in. It gives specific keys for most common screens (H returns to the home screen).

    Search and download it and then add the dll to the MediaPortal\plugins\process directory. In the plugin config section of MP you can then activate it.

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