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November 25, 2012
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I have an easily reproducible problem on my system that when I try to cancel an upcoming episode an additional episode is apparently also cancelled.

I often record series using "Record every time on every channel" and so I sometimes get 2 copies of the same episode on both the SD and HD channels which broadcast at the same time.

If I go into Recorded TV and view the Upcoming Episodes and then try to "Cancel this programme" the program highlighted will be cancelled - however unfortunately the second copy will also have the red icon removed even though I want to record it. This problem has been around on my system for a number of different versions of MediaPortal (currently 1.6.0) and has even persisted following a couple formats/complete re-installs.

It seems as if SQL is being used to record the change required in the database and that only the program and time details are being passed to the database without taking note of which channel should be affected.

As a matter of interest I am using Ms SQL Express Server 2008R2 if that could have an influence on the problem.

Many thanks in advance.


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November 25, 2012
Great Britain (UK) Great Britain (UK)
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I have now done a clean install to 1.7.1 this time using MySQL and I am still seeing the same problem.

In fact I have had a look at a friend's system (also 1.7.1 and MySQL) and it too has the problem.

Could someone please confirm whether this is a unique configuration problem or is it generally happening on other people's systems?

Many thanks.


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    Hi Brian

    The problem will have nothing to do with the database (MySQL or MS SQL) and everything to do with code, and I'd imagine this problem would affect other people if they use the same "workflow", however...

    As per the MP 1.6 release notes: TV Server is under code freeze while we work on TVE 3.5.

    We're trying to remain focussed on TVE 3.5 because that is the future, and we want to get it out to the public as quickly as possible. Time spent fixing TVE 3 is mostly not productive so I'm sorry to say non-critical issues like this won't be addressed. I hope you can understand and accept this.

    Regards and thanks for the report,


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    November 25, 2012
    Great Britain (UK) Great Britain (UK)
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    Hi Nathan,

    Very many thanks for the reply.

    I do understand the logic for the code freeze and fully support it.

    The problem that I have noticed is an irritation rather than a show stopper - it seems that the extra deleted programme is often (maybe always) recorded anyway even though it does not appear in the scheduled recording list and so I do not appear to be missing any of the required programmes.

    Good luck with TVE3.5.

    Best regards,

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