Problem wit .ISO files in Moving Pictures (1 Viewer)


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July 19, 2018
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Hello friends. So suddenly I have a problem with the Moving Pictures plugin.

It has always worked perfectly but now suddenly I do not add certain videos when I add them to the folders. Specifically, I do not recognize the .ISO files

This extension is added to the video extensions in the mediaportal configuration (in addition to the fact that it already had all those that had previously been +140 videos recognized)

I have tried several times to remove the file from the folder and add it again but there is no way.

I have even deleted the folder completely from moving pictures to add it again and what has been my surprise that now I do not recognize any of the 140 videos that I have in the folder (they are all .iso)

Any idea why this may have happened suddenly?

Greetings and I await your answers.


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    Have you also tried to move your iso-files to a new folder and than added this folder to MovPic?


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    July 19, 2018
    Spain Spain
    I have not tried that, but I have deleted the folder in which all the isos were and when I added it again I did not recognize any (when I deleted it from moving pictures it was because it did not recognize the last 3 isos, but the others if they were all recognized)

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