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December 30, 2020
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I have a problem connecting to the server and watching TV. At home I have a TV server and in the local network all services work, but when I try to connect from outside, the TV does not work on the laptop, it is ok on the smartphone thanks to the "MPextended" plug. I have a public IP at home and I redirected several ports on my router: 80, 8080, 3389, 4322, 554, 3306, 31456, 1433.
When I configure the client on the laptop and connect outside to the server, it shows me that I am connected, but when I try to start a TV channel, nothing happens and the mediaportal on the client freezes.
I have already read a few threads on this forum, I tried to add the server address to the "host" file in "system32 \ drivers \ etc" and I wonder if I still need to redirect any ports on the server.
I connected via OpenVPN to the router at home (so it should see me like on the local network) and it still doesn't work ...

port forwarding - doesn't work
OpenVPN - Doesn't Work
host file - does not work

Please help. Does anyone have a similar problem?


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December 10, 2021
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i cannot help because i am newbie. But have you tried zerotier, also a VPN? For me zerotier is interesting because i do not have a public IP. Zerotier is encrypted network without the need for port forwardings in router. I read somewhere that disabling IPV6 was a good thing in relation to mediaportal streaming server.

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