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October 29, 2005
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Problem with MyBlaster

stuff I have tried:

myblaster.exe into C:\X folder
myblaster.dll into the same folder

run MyBlaster and the window that is opened has the option to configure two Set-top-boxes (I have two)

learn all the remote codes. no problem
Test the blaster and its flash!!!!

and now I put it in the folders that correspond...

myblaster.exe into /mediaportal folder
myblaster.dll into plugins/process folder


and... surpriseeeee, the window that is opened is not the same one....

learn the remote codes fail
Test the blaster and its fail too

of where it appears the second window when I put the program in the correct location and get to access MP setup-->plugins-->myblaster-->setup ?

What is happening?

Please give me a email address and I send the images to you of the two different windows that they appear to me[/img]

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  • June 20, 2005
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    I'm having trouble with the myblaster too. I just need to shutoff my Onkyo Receiver with it but I can't seem to get it to learn the code. It just says failed.

    Do I point the remote at the MCE remote recevier or the litle blaster bud?


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    August 13, 2005
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    You would point it at the receiver. I heard that it is best to train the blaster with the lights off and from only a few inches a way to cut down on IR noise. Have you given that a shot?


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    January 6, 2006
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    I have the same problem, learn codes goes straight to success even when I haven't pressed a button on the remote, and when I test the IR Bud doesn't flash...
    Any ideas, this is the only thing stopping me ditching MCE for MediaPortal... i'm trying to learn a Sky Digital UK remote.


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