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August 2, 2008
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MP doesn't allow me to switch between subtitle files, because VSFilter doesn't load!!
My settings are OK. I tell Haali to manage AVI files and to autoload VSFilter. It works with other players like MPC, but in MP, VSFilter doesn't load!!!
It doesn't matter whether I use CCCP or install the codecs one by one.

My only solution is to disable ffdshow for divx files and use MPC. I amworried because CCCP says that "Gabest is known to cause problems".


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May 29, 2008
Err what subtitle files and where are the subtitle files located? You don't need Haali to manage avis.

Usually I put subtitle files like srt, sub in the same folder as the video.

Also when you play the video, you need to go into the osd to choose the subtitle before it is shown. If you did not set MP to auto load subtitles in the MP configuration

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