Problems in DVBGraphSS2 traced to TVDatabase.GetSatChannel (1 Viewer)


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October 31, 2005
Hi guys!

The source code version I'm using is
When trying to get my Techisat SkyStar2 DVB-S card to work, I noticed
in MediaPortal.log that in DVBGraphSS2 Tune failed because it couldn't find the channel. In the code I identified the responsible statement
In the TVDatabases.GetSatChannel function I placed a log statement
which outputs the sql statement. When I tried out the statement (see quote) with the SQLite Database Browser in the docs folder
TVDatabase: GetSATChannel: SQL = [select * from tblDVBSMapping where idChannel=299 and sServiceType=1]
05.12.2005 14:45:51 TVDatabase: GetSATChannel: No rows returned!
05.12.2005 14:45:51 DVBGraphSS2: Tune: channel not found in database (idChannel=299)
05.12.2005 14:45:51 DVBGraphSS2:confused:tartViewing() channel not found
I didn't get any rows back, even though there is a matching row inside the TVDatabase in table tblDVBSMapping.
Can anybody confirm and best of all explain this to me.
I'd really like to fix this but I don't quite get it that the SQL statement fails to return the matching row.
When I issue the statement without the were-clause all the rows are returned (using the SQLite Browser).

Is it possible to attach logfiles to this post?

I really do hope somebody can help me with this.



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