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January 5, 2006

First I Have to say that I'm using MP for long time now and I'm a great fan of it! Thank you to all developers!!!

This week I wanted to build a new Media-PC. My old one is working very fine - using MP 0.2 RC2. Because I live in a new appartment now, it's necessary to have 2 Computers (on in the living romm, the second in the slepeping-room).

It took a few hours an my new computer worked. But I recoginzed a problem I never had - not on my notebook, not on the old Media-PC. It takes a lot of tome to open a .mpeg-file. Opening .avi-files or the files media-portal is creating when recording a tv-program is no problem - only .mpeg files. The same when I try it directly in Windows Media-Player.

I changed every setting in Winows-Media-Player - but no difference. Is there a problem withe the video-codecs?

The software I'm using is:

- Windows XP home Edition with all updates.
- Zone Labs
- Anti Vir
- PowerDVD
- VLC-Player
- Intervideo WinDVD
- WinAmp
- iTunes

The hardware:

- shuttle xpc SN95G5 with nVidia-Chipset
- His Ati Geforce 9250 (using Omega Driver)
- S-ATA Samsung 250 GB
- 1024 mb Dual-Channel DDR-Ram
- WinTV PVR 350
- Sound onboard

Settings in Media Portal:

- Player: Video Codec: InterVideo Video Codec
Audio Codec: InterVideo Audio Codec
Renderer: VMR 9 - Renderless
Audio Renderer: Default Wave ...

Hope, someone can help me!!!

Thank you!


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