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Georg Renelt

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May 8, 2012
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I spent a day with the following problem and found source/solution of/for the problem - but the bug report link is dead. So maybe someone can forward this or put me to the right direction.

On my system (Haswell, iGPU HD4400) MP1 V1.23 returns thousands of frames instead of frames - 23976 instead of 23.976. This happens for all media so the DRR process couldn't find a matching refresh rate. This maybe relates to my german Windows version and is caused by some kind of language specific conversion. Maybe the return value has been thousands ever since, but then parsing and matching has been changed.

It's a completely fresh installed system with just the components for MP - and some diagnostic tools like cpu-z and Open Hardware Monitor..

Changing the complete table to thousands as in refresh rate to tens as out refresh rate works for me.

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