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July 31, 2005
I want to use the Dscaler5 codec for watching Dvb tv in media portal. I have set everything up and the quality is amazing, i much prefer it to showshifter with the nvidia decoder.

The problem is that any movement on screen results small black lines appearing from the area moving. This is particularly noticeable on programs with scrolling text, such as skysports news etc...

It does not happen with any other codec e.g nvidia, ulead cyberlink

does anyone know the issue here?


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  • February 16, 2005
    I simply installed the new DScaler codec from their sourceforge site.
    I figure that will take the place of the built in Codec from MP. I didn't do a lot of testing with it though, as I couldn't stop accassional jitters so I'm back with NVidia.

    For the tearing, do you have exclusive directX turned on? This will usually give black tearing lines on areas of fast movement. (in MP config/general)


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    November 4, 2005
    Well, I dont have any tearing since I turned vertical sync on.
    Strange thing is that even though I have a Nvidia 6600GT card, Dscaler is
    giving better quality than Nvidia purevideo on my maschine.
    Nvidia codec doesnt fill the tv-screen. I have a black bar on the left side.
    And on both Nvidia and dscaler there is an almost invisible "grid" going
    diagonal on the screen. I have my satelite reciver connected via scart
    to composite to my Hauppauge 500 mce. This gives the best signal......

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