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  • April 1, 2010
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    Hi all.

    Odd problem. :giggle:

    I have stand alone TV Server and TV Client setup. Both running latest test release of MP1, both in Win10 machines.

    TV Server device has 2 networks active - on WiFi and wired into Powerline [just as switch here, it's for keyboard & mouse share, network is not routed as interface has no default route].

    TV Client is on via powerline [so via powerline it could see the interface but it has no actual routing either].

    WiFi router has zero visibility of 192.168.2/24.

    Now, TV Server log shows:

    [2020-10-19 16:53:29,501] [Log ] [TVService] [INFO ] - Controller: started at Media2
    [2020-10-19 16:53:29,502] [Log ] [TVService] [INFO ] - Controller: local ip address:
    [2020-10-19 16:53:29,503] [Log ] [TVService] [INFO ] - Controller: local ip address:
    [2020-10-19 16:53:29,503] [Log ] [TVService] [INFO ] - Controller: local ip address:
    [2020-10-19 16:53:29,572] [Log ] [TVService] [INFO ] - Controller: server running on

    The important thing being server running on

    Now the problem.:mad:

    On the Client machine, at start up MediaPortal hangs after about 15 seconds - totally unresponsive. :censored:

    Process it's NOT in wait state, but it is making MediPoral.exe specific network connections to on port 3306 [from Perfmonitor console - greyed out with zero traffic sent]. Eventually these timeout BUT it takes around 5 minutes. After that, it all works.

    It looks like TV Server is advertising the MySQL link too the Client and the Client is then trying to complete the circuit to no avail [disable TV pluging on Client, no issue, so it is 100% in TV space].:confused:

    Tried with and without Windows FW [tedious either way:(], both Private and Public profiles.

    Any ideas and possible suggestions would be most welcome:)

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    May 26, 2021
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    de-dusting this

    I have a similar network setup:
    • Single PC, MediaPortal has server and client on the same machine.
    • Two network interfaces:
    • - First: Intel 2.5 Gbit, directly connected to the Internet router.
    • - Second: Marvell 10 Gbit, connected to a switch. The switch is connected to the router, several other devices and an AVM DVB-C acting as TV source.
    How can I force the MP client (and maybe the server too) to use the Marvell network interface only? Currently it seems it randomly chooses the Intel interface which makes TV croppy when I download a larger chunk from the web.

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