Progress: MP 2 development status - 2010-10-25

Discussion in 'General' started by Albert, October 25, 2010.

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    Hi guys and gals,

    welcome to the current MediaPortal 2 status report.

    What has been done?
    • The problem which occured in the GraphicsDevice.Reset method was solved (Alt-Enter) (Thanks to Baboonanza!)
    • Fixed problems with RadialGradientBrushes in combination with a RelativeTransform (Thanks to Baboonanza!)
    • Improved XML serialization/deserialization of resources transferred over the network a bit
    • Made MediaItemId accessible in MediaItem
    • Bugfixes in the database access layer (DELETE statements which were not compatible with the new SQL CE implementation)
    • Increased transaction lock timeout in SQL CE database to 30 seconds
    • Added display of total numbers of media items in MediaLibrary views
    • Added new GridLength type "AutoStretch" which improves MPF against WPF
    • Revised the VirtualKeyboard style using the new AutoStretch feature
    • Small optimizations of media item search
    • Fixed missing current year in the filter by year (Thanks to morpheus_xx!)
    • More Bugfixes in the SkinEngine and in other system parts
    • And, last but not least: Added playlist management services and UI components

    My next work item will probably be to create some sample plugins for feature presentation, for core features as well as skin.

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    AW: Progress: MP 2 development status - 2010-10-25

    MP 2 already looks really nice ;) Greate work!
    Due to my understanding the Core of MP 2 is now (nearly) finsihed? I know that this doesn't include Live Tv etc., but now it sounds like feture time :p

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