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  • September 15, 2004
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    Really like that skin. Cool job Harley.

    Found some minor issues.

    1. Fonts in TV Guide are a bit to big. Tried it with Font11 and it was better as with the Font13 used currently.
    See these links for samples:

    2. In Search TV Guide the text starts way to left.

    3. As you can see from the above shot in Search TV guide, in the second and 4th row, the text goes beyond the border, which doesn't look very nice.
    This is what i've noticed in other situations as well.
    For example when displaying error messages, the text often leaves the surrounding box.

    As i said above, those are minor issues, but would be happy, if Harley could spend some time on it.




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  • May 7, 2004
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    Hi Helmut,

    :) thank´s for your Help.

    I will fixed the bugs shortly.

    Greetings Harley

    PS: it´s nice that you have Fun with the skin

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