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December 6, 2008
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Using MP 1.0 on Vista/32-bit (hardware fully described in System profile):

I created a pin-protected (movie) folder, and then started MP and clicked the Videos icon at the first screen. Immediately, MP wanted the pin code for the protected folder. At first, I presumed that MP just wanted to display the movie cover art with the rest of the unprotected folders, but that was not the case. When I entered the pin code, it only showed the movies in the protected folder. If I clicked "Done" on the pin code form without entering a pin code, it showed just the unprotected movies.

This is not intuitive at all. What I think should happen is protected folders should be displayed at the main menu and at the point they are selected, only then should the pin code be requested. As it stands now, I feel this feature of the application is completely unusable.

Note: A side effect of this (using pinned folders) is that the animation of the program becomes erratic and jerky.


EDIT - Oops. I just realized that you have to select the movie folder you want to see by default, and of course, I had the private folder selected. That's why it was asking for the pin code right away. Sorry.

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