Pulse/Flash IR Server Suite + Microsoft Media Center USB Sensor (1 Viewer)


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June 10, 2008
I have used IR Server Suite for a few years and just now noticed something odd with it. I am using IRSS on Windows 7 64-bit. I use it to send commands to my Windows Media Center Sensor to change channels on my DIRECTV STB in NextPVR (NPVR).

Say I want to change the channel to 55. I type two 5s on my keyboard. The blaster/sensor in front of the DIRECTV STB flashes when IRSS sends commands. Instead of it flashing once for a 5 and once again for another 5, it instead flashes a whole bunch of times, pauses, and flashes a bunch more times again. Sometimes it is too slow to change the channel correctly doing this.

Why is it pulsing/flashing a whole bunch of times instead of just using the IR command learned from the remote for the DIRECTV STB and flashing once per digit entered?


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June 10, 2008
I was able to get this issue figured out.

When programming the STB codes, DO NOT HOLD DOWN THE BUTTONS ON THE REMOTE!!!

Just TAP them until the codes are learned.

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