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  • July 20, 2006
    Hello i have a question about site plugin and m3u8.
    It seems, in france we have more and more site who use m3u8 playlist. for example :
    this file contains something like:

    ## Created with Unified Streaming Platform(version=1.6.6)

    if i follow the next playlist on http://myurl/id/68361531516000_Ipad-audio=64000-video=64000.m3u8

    ## Created with Unified Streaming Platform(version=1.6.6)
    #EXTINF:8, no desc
    #EXTINF:8, no desc
    #EXTINF:8, no desc
    #EXTINF:8, no desc

    this playlist contains the VideoInfo but split in many part. When i add in
    public override List<string> GetMultipleVideoUrls(VideoInfo video, bool inPlaylist = false) all the streams are played in mp2 but with pausing between each "ts part".

    So do you have any advice to avoid pausing between part ?
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