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January 6, 2013
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I'm running MP 1.21 Pre Release according to the program's splash screen. Or MP 1.20.1 according to the version number in the configuration application.
And I'm using StreamedMP as my skin.

Since this isn't really a Support issue and more of a question I put this post into the Talk forum. Please move this post to the appropriate forum if needed.

My question is about these decorations I just noticed on the thumbnails for some shows in my MP-TVseries plugin.
The weird thing is these decorations don't show on the thumbnails for all shows, just certain shows.
The decoration I'm talking about is a "6" in the upper right corner of the thumbnail.
My first thought was that it was the season number of the episode but it shows as a "6" on every thumbnail for the series, seasons 1 to 6.
I have attached a screenshot so you can see what it looks like.

So my questions are: What does the "6" indicate? Is it meant to indicate the season but it is in error? Why does it show only on the thumbnails for certain series? Why are they different?

Thanks, this has been making me really curious.


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