Radeon 9200 supports only directx 8.1 - problem? (1 Viewer)


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November 30, 2004

1. The Radeon 9200 supports only DirectX 8.1, will there be any drawback in performance compared to a full 9.0 card, like the Radeon 9600? (which I do not want to buy as I need no gaming and less heat in my case.)

2. I currently have a Asus V7100 with TV-out and the picture I get on the TV is pretty blurry, no sharp edges at all. How much you think is the gain when I switch to a Radeon 9200 (Sapphire or some other brand) ? Will it be noticable better? Again using S-Video out. Later on RGB->Scart.

If anybody has experiences I would be interested to know.


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September 3, 2004
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Some weeks ago I switched from the ASUS Radeon 9200SE/T to the Sapphire Radeon 9600 (both 128 MB, both passive cooled) connected via composite out to scart on the tv. Resolution is PAL 720x576. Reason was DirectX9 support and DVI out for future tvs.

Both cards have a very good picture quality.

I also tried the DirectX9 capable GigaByte GV-N52128TE with a GeForce FX 5200 GPU. This card could not impress me. Quality was far away from the Radeons with my setup.

I didn't notice a performance boost when updating from 9200 to 9600. I think mp doesn't use the special DirectX features (shaders) which make the difference between dx8.1 and dx9.

But perhaps there could be a problem when using VMR. Perhaps someone else can help on this.

The Radeon 9200 supports only DirectX 8.1

This is hardware support. There are DirectX9 drivers I think. So if the GPU doesn't make it, the work will be done by the CPU.


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  • February 2, 2005
    I have yet to notice a difference between my ATI X800 dx9 card and any of my other older cards the oldest being an AIW radeon 32meg .

    All work well with the codecs and vmr9 of MEDIA PORTAL.


    DX9 and 9200


    I just cant agree with you all, when you say its only compatible with DX8.1. :?

    Remenber that when 9200 or 9100 came out, there was only available DX8.1 from MS, thats why internet pages with specifications of products only mention dx8.1... they didnt made any update in description.
    ATI support can explain this better than me... i already ask them about this!

    Hardware (silicio chips) are not made to be compatible with directx... they are made to have some specifications about buses, clocks/speeds, voltages etc etc,... drivers of chips are made to make it possible to software comunicate with hardware....making possible to have the best performance MS made directx as one improvement.

    The question should be done in the opposite!!!
    Is directx 9 compatible with my hardware? if not.. its a directx problem.. not hardware problem.

    was i clear enougth? i dont think so... i didnt understand my self either :lol:

    bad english writer! :(

    Best regards

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