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Follow these guidelines or your post might be deleted without a warning!

Before you post a bug in the bugs' section, check if the problem is already described in the Mantis bugtracking system:

All bugs mentioned in the forums, IRC or other places are added to the Mantis bugtracking system only by the Media Portal Mantis admins:

- if it is a bug and not a wrong setup or user mistake
- if the bug report is properly described (use the bug template!)
- if the bug is confirmed by other people

SVN-Snapshot Bugreports:
Bugs of SVN-Snapshots can be reported in this forum or directly in the forums of the TestTeam.
If you want to become a dedicated tester and join the TestTeam you should post your bugreports in the forums of the TestTeam.

End users can search Mantis to see if the bug is already in there and what the current status is.
Please notice, end users cannot create new bugreports in Mantis!


Use this template!

Please copy and paste this template into your new support request for faster response.
Pay special attention to the synopsis field, and be sure to include as many details as possible.

Zyphrax created a very nice tool to gather all needed information and prepare the template.
You can download it here


Area: Media Portal Program / Media Portal Documentation / Media Portal Skin / Plugins / Other
MP Version: the version you use
MP SVN-Snapshot: (if used) date and time of the Snapshot
Skin: the skin you use
Windows Version: your windows version incl. service packs
CPU Type: manufacturer and speed
Memory: amount and type
Motherboard Chipset: manufacturer and model
Video Card: manufacturer and model
Video Card Driver: driver version you used for testing
Video Card Resolution: your desktop resolution
Video Render Type: VMR9 or Overlay
Video Codec Type & Version: video codec you used for testing
Audio Codec Type & Version: audio codec you used for testing
TV Card: type of TV card, manufacturer and model
TV Card Type: software / hardware / DVB
TV Card Driver: driver version you used for testing
Optional Log: parts of the "/log/MediaPortal.log" which show an issue
Optional References: any reference

Synopsis: Enter the details of your problem here
Post any relevant log information (Please post as a link if you can)

When posting a large amount of log text, post it to and only post the link NOT THE FULL TEXT!.

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