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    To all forum users,

    A massive consolidation effort is about to take place throughout the forum to reduce the number of posts and strip out unhelpful content.
    Don't take offence to this, even some moderator content will be removed. :wink:

    We are doing this in an effort to make it easier for people to find information and quickly get an answer to the query they have.

    So with this in mind please:

    1. Search for existing content before starting another thread.
    2. Don't post content which offers no value.
    3. Refrain from swearing or you will be banned.
    4. Use the support and bug templates.
    5. Don't have bad attitudes towards your peers.

    If you don't do this then expect posts to be moved to the badly placed posts or bad posts section or quite frankly deleted.

    Follow these simple rules then we'll get along fine.

    Thankyou for your support.

    The Moderators
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