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April 6, 2008
I recently switched from MC7 to MP. I think its a mixed bag. first the terrible: the clicking sound! please give a easy to use option to remove it (i just deleted the file).

the Good:
I have a beta with sky series link and sky guide data which is great, the whole TV set-up is great, in fact I love it.

which leads me on to the problems I have. I love kylo browser but cant figer out how to plug it in as mutisortcut is incompatible with 1.3 beta but why isn't Kylo just baked in?

I have tried to get on with both videos and moving pictures I prefer XBMC as Moving pictures just wont update for me, and videos is just a bit basic. (I have also had data base problems with the amazing looking TV series plug in form Moving pictures)

Any tips how I might get on better with MP or a way I can switch back and forth between these apps?


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  • September 7, 2009
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    You can turn on/off skin sounds via MP config, check the screen shot. It was the first thing I did many moons ago.

    For switching apps you could use IR Server and define a button on your remote to launch an external app or use a macro.

    I use BrowseTheWeb for web site browsing, it's no Kylo but suits my needs.


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