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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Slugish, February 9, 2016.

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    I'm a BTV user that is trying to find a new Media / PVR solution. In comparing the solutions, and related to this topic, BTV (BeyondTV - Snapstream - out of support other than the fanastic forums) has the option to only record NEW episodes. This is flagged by the EPG data and not whether the episode is in the DB. The EPG data has a <NEW\> element (I think)) that I understand to indicate a first airing. This allows only first airings to be recorded. Since for a series you are recording all first airings, you end up with only the new shows and no repeats. If you miss one for some reason, you can use something like Genesis to go back and watch, but that is only a rare event that a recording would be missed. The advantage doing it this way is that if you pick up recording in the middle of the series, you don't record previous episodes that you've seen but don't have on your PVR.

    <!ELEMENT programme (title+, sub-title*, desc*, credits?, date?,
    category*, language?, orig-language?, length?,
    icon*, url*, country*, episode-num*, video?, audio?,
    previously-shown?, premiere?, last-chance?, new?,
    subtitles*, rating*, star-rating? )>

    I don't see this option when scheduling recordings in media portal, and from the other threads is looks like the episode must be in the DB to be skipped. Am I missing something? I guess if this isn't supported, I have to create a list and import into the DB as the thread notes. This requires a bit of manual work everytime for each series.
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    Check out the tvwishlist plugin, that should do what you want. More powerful than tivos tvwishlist, I think it's being developed for mp2.

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