1. bta489

    [solved] DVB-T2 Recordings: Sometimes no Audio after muxing with mkvmerge

    Hi there, I have a strange problem with mkvmerge when processing some recordings from german DVB-T2. So what's happening: I record a show on my HTPC. I access the recordings from a different PC to Remux it to MKV, remove unwanted tracks and cut off the beginning and the end with mkvmerge...
  2. W

    Recordings will not stop

    My recordings will not stop anymore. They go on for days if I don't stop them manually by restarting the TV service. Stopping them on the client does not work. In the error log I see lots of errors like: Scheduler: stop record did not succeed (trying again in 1 min.)
  3. S

    Recordings of some channels not visible in recordings list

    I have been using MediaPortal with a DVB-C card for years without any problems. Some weeks ago, I bought a new DVB-T2 USB stick and updated to the newest version of MediaPortal 1 to have support for the new H.265 video format used by DVB-T2. I have combined all of the HD channels that can be...
  4. C

    How do I get MediaPortal to separate recording files by channel and month?

    I want MediaPortal to automatically separate the show folders containing the recording files by channel and by month, so that the folder layout ends up looking something like this: E:\MediaPortal\Recordings-2019-03\KHOU-DT\60 Minutes E:\MediaPortal\Recordings-2019-03\KHOU-DT\The Big Bang Theory...
  5. bta489

    [solved] Stuttering playback of edited recordings

    Hello, I am experiencing some issues when playing back edited recordings I made from german DVB-T2 (HEVC/H265 Codec). The Recording itself plays fine in MediaPortal (v 1.20). I edited the recording with MKVToolnix (split it to remove the parts before and after the program, remove additional...
  6. C

    How well can MediaPortal handle 10,000+ recordings?

    How well can MediaPortal continue to function when your number of stored recordings exceeds 10,000? I ask because my number of recordings with NextPVR recently exceeded 10,000 and the software has started running into all sorts of problems in its functionality because of that. I want to know...
  7. coolblue

    [solved] How to delete Recording?

    Hi, I upgraded from MediaPortal 1.2.1 to MediaPortal 2.1.3 on a fresh install with fresh installed Win10 on the Server and on the Clients. So in the TV Recordings menu, how can I delete recordings? There is no contextmenu entry for delete. Thank you for help.
  8. Rob Hexenmeister

    Detect recording in progress from external script (AHK)

    I use an AHK script to launch Mediaportal. The reason is that I can tell it to perform other tasks before launching the programme (for instance switching on my Energenie sockets etc) as well as remapping some of my remote control buttons. The one shortcoming is that doing it this way...
  9. E

    Recording Probleme

    Hallo, meine Recording Probleme schauen wie folgt aus: Im EPG eine manuelle Aufnahme starten -> bis manuell gestoppt: Aufnahme wird durch rot gefärbte Sendung im EPG symbolisiert Aufnahme unter Menüpunkt "Aufnahmen" angezeigt Problem: Ich kann die Aufnahme nicht stoppen. Nochmaliges...
  10. F

    IPTV for Mediaportal

    I have been running Media Portal for many years but not the TV Server. Up to now I have used it only for stored content. I am based in Ireland and use Virgin Media for Cable TV, Internet broadband and Home Phone. Frankly I am becoming sick of Virgin and their Cable, I don't really watch much...
  11. R

    Missing dates on tv recordings

    I am running the latest version of MP2. I am not sure when this happened (maybe when I last upgraded versions) but the "Recordings" display does not list the date of the recording anymore. If I had more than one recorded episode in a series, it used to show the date. It doesn't anymore. So...
  12. S

    About to record, but already have it! Wakes server too. Why?

    Hello, A question about scheduled recordings. I am trying to optimise things a little bit and found that my tvserver would wakeup quite a few times every day. (running with clients on the network and a NAS with the TVserver, happauge colossus for capture etc.) It appears to be waking up for...
  13. K

    EPG/Scheduled Recordings Question

    First and foremost, thank you for developing MediaPortal. I was using MP 1 (v 1.16) until recently, when I switched to MP2 (v2.1). One thing I have noticed is that in MP 1, I was able to see the title for every episode of a series I was recording in the EPG and, if I was recording a series, on...
  14. D

    Advice for Syndicated recordings of multi-part episodes.

    Hi, I'm using Media Portal 1 with Schedules Direct EPG Data as a backend, and Kodi as a front end. Generally this works great. I've set up recording schedules for many shows. The problem I have is that syndicated shows sometimes don't record both parts of two part episodes. I think this occurs...
  15. GuiltyNL

    Pressing record while watching live tv forces to use a second tuner

    I'm testing my IPTV setup with an m3u list for my Octopus Net Tuner. And I noticed that when I watch live TV and I press 'Record' the TV Server fires up a second tuner to record the channel I'm already watching. That seems a bit odd, because I would have expect that he would use the same...
  16. J

    Record automatically by name

    Hi all, I'm wondering if there is any plugin or built-in functionality to record broadcasts by name, no matter when or on what channel they are. In order to achieve that, the EPG would have to be scanned regularly for a user-defined set of names or fractions of names, and all matching...
  17. G

    Watching previous recordings while recording is in progress

    Recently, I had occasion to update the firmware of my HD HomeRun PRIME to the most recent version. Also, Windows 10 automatically installed an update or two. As a result, any time I attempt to watch a previous recording when a scheduled recording is in progress, I get a warning that the...
  18. S

    Can media portal record streaming video with adskip like playon?

    We recently cut the cord a few months ago and have been using a setup that involves a Roku 3, Playstation Vue, and a Playon Server running from a computer. We have had endless issues with failed recordings from playon and are looking for an alternative. MediaPortal looks attractive to me...
  19. W

    Recording does not appear in recordings list - is it possible to play the .ts file?

    My PC encountered a problem last night while recordings were going on. One of these recordings does not appear in the recordings list for MP2 - August 20, 2016 weekly build. The problem was not related to MP2, rather to my having configured compskip even though I am not using it and four...
  20. regeszter

    [solved] MPTvScheduler - Android client for MediaPortal and TvServer

    Hi, This is an Android client for MediaPortal. The interface is the MPExtended Service 0.6.0 Beta10. If you use MP2 please install the MPExtended Service 0.6.0 Beta10 from here. I suggest for the Windows 64 bit users to replace the in-built 32 bit ffmpeg to 64 bit from...
  21. N

    TV Server scheduling EVERYTHING to record

    Hi all - urgent help needed please! :( I've got a very critical issue occurring on my main MP client. I first noticed it when I was getting an error on the client stating Live TV was stopping as there were no available tuners due to recording. As I wasn't recording anything I go to check the...
  22. P

    Recording via EPG could be easier

    One reason I used to use WMC over MP is the ease of use, it just worked (although MP is more flexible and advanced). Here's what I think should be improved: 1) When in the EPG and I see something I want to record, I'd like to press the record button on my remote to record that program on that...
  23. N

    Won't Record a Specific Show

    I'm a new user of the forums, so I apologize if I've left something out that I should be including. However, I am not new to MP as I've been using it successfully now for the past three years and have always been able to figure it out if I've had any problems - until now... My wife likes to...
  24. S

    Record Option - First Run Only

    I'm a BTV user that is trying to find a new Media / PVR solution. In comparing the solutions, and related to this topic, BTV (BeyondTV - Snapstream - out of support other than the fanastic forums) has the option to only record NEW episodes. This is flagged by the EPG data and not whether the...
  25. Mobidic

    How to get started with MediaPortal 2 to do TV recording?

    My background is software development. I have been using Windows Media Center for ages. I did take a look at Media Portal years ago and after looking at the steps to install, well... I thought it's not worth my time. Now, I'm kind of stuck to take a second look, I want to to access recorded...
  26. Vasilich

    MiniDisplay indication for ongoing record

    Is there any chance to show the program name and channel, that are currently recording, in MiniDislay? or at least recording indication? I'd like to see what does my HTPC without having to switch TV on (and i guess that it should be possible because skin shows at least that recording is active)...
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