1.12.0 Recorded TV doesnt play properly after TV Monitor is turned off then back on (1 Viewer)


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February 22, 2010
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MediaPortal Version: 1.12.0

After installing MP 1.12.0

- Turn on Panasonic TV and Onkyo Receiver (TX SR606) - so to as to see Windows on TV screen
- Start MP
- Navigate to a recorded TV Program
- Play. The recorded TV program and Audio plays properly ;-)
- Stop playing recorded program

- Turn off TV and Onkyo Receiver.
- Wait a bit

- Turn on TV and Onkyo Receiver.
- MP Menu is displayed OK, and works fine
- Replay the same TV recording (or any TV recording)
- PROBLEM: A black screen is displayed. And there is no audio.
- Stop the playback
- MP Menu is displayed correctly.
- Try and play any other TV recording: Same problem

1. If you Exit and Restart MP, the problem is fixed. Its only turning off the TV that seems to create the problem.

2. I tried turning off and on just the TV and left the Onkyo Receiver on. Same problem exists

3. After not being able to see or hear a TV recording I tried playing a video in MP. I could see it, but there was no audio. Going back to replay a TV recording resulted in the main problem described above (No Audio and a black screen)

Note this problem did not exist in MP 1.11
I have not changed any hardware, or anything else.
I think new LAV codecs were installed as a part of MP 1.12 (automatically)

I have tried reinstalling MP 1.12 - didnt help
PC has been shutdown and restarted several times - didnt help

I am thinking of going back to 1.11... but will give it few days


Steps to Reproduce:
See above[DOUBLEPOST=1437728320][/DOUBLEPOST]Um... I think I uploaded the log file. But I don't see it here in the thread.
Let me know if I haven't done it properly and I will re-upload it.
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    Definitely try the patch. Based on the log files, I'm even more certain that it should help you.


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    February 22, 2010
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    Awesome U rock MM !!!

    Yep those patch files did the job

    What a fantastic result. !!!
    I am here telling my kids someone from the other side of the world has helped sort my problem out in about 10 minutes
    Thank you SO MUCH !!!
    That's really wonderful support


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