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February 23, 2008
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Have read a number of posts regarding this and none apply here.

I use MP for Live/Recorded TV only so just have a recording folder and do everything through the TV menu (no video browser)

Running MP v1.3.100.0

I have a Server (Win7 64bit) with a DNTV 4x DTV Tuner

I then also have 2 clients running the same version of MP as above.

I understand that the thumbnail generation has now been moved to the server rather than client and I have the options set to generate thumbnails and after clearing out "old" thumbs the server has generated thumbs for all my recordings.

The issue is that the clients just do not pick up the thumbs and the file names are the same as the recorded file and display fine in windows. I have the same issue in the Titan skin and the original default skin.

Previously in earlier versions all worked fine.

Any ideas? Need any additional info?

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