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December 11, 2013
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I searched the forum and the wiki and am confused. I have been using mediaportal 1 for several years. Currently using 1.15.0.

My recordings go to drive G:\TV. Some recordings are in the base directory and some recordings are in sub-folders named with the channel number and channel name. For example I have many recordings at the G:\TV path but some of the recordings are going into sub-folders like G:\TV\200 AMCHD.

How do I change my TV server setup to place all recordings in G:\TV?



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    Assume you have 2 or more tuners?

    If so, in TVServer Config -> Recordings -> Folders. Set path for one tuner, then hit 'Same recording folder for all cards'.

    Ref Breese posting, Custom path & filenames is on same tab as folders - mine is defaulted to movies and standard settings and I have no issues, but either way, you should be able to fix it via one or other route.

    Good luck.


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