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  • August 21, 2008
    So the World Cup has started and for us in Sydney, Australia, most of the games are in the middle of the night so I'd like to record them for a viewing at 5am.

    As the TV Broadcaster SBS will only show games involving Australia, I have looked at some IPTV solutions.

    I am able to play the live IPTV stream in MP 1.19 using the standard IPTV module included in TV server however the recording seems broken. When I schedule the recording, it starts as requested, creates a large TS file and stop on time but when I play it, it goes only for a couple a minutes and then stops.

    It looks as if there is something out of sync between the content of the TS file and how much MP thinks there is. I've tried to play with the Windows 10 player with the same result.

    Similarly when I pause a live IPTV stream, I am able to resume where I paused it but I can't skip forward the same way I do for a DVB-T stream.

    Has anyone been able to properly record an IPTV stream?



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  • December 17, 2010
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    Has anyone been able to properly record an IPTV stream?
    I'm using SAT>IP that is handled inside MP exactly the same way as "normal" IPTV (using m3u playlists for the channels). I can record, timeshift, skip, pause,... an IPTV stream as any DVB stream before I switched to SAT>IP.

    The main difference between IPTV and DVB is, you only can record/watch one channel/stream per tuner and not every channel on the same transponder with only one tuner as it was on DVB... For IPTV you need more tuner than for DVB if you want to record more than 1 stream at a time... But you are limited by the bandwidth of your network, so you can not have e.g. 8 Tuner as this did not work even if you have GBit..

    I'm using MP 2.1.3 where the TV part is the same as in MP 1.18 but I also have tested it with MP 2.2 internal test versions, that have the same TV part as MP 1.19. Both are recording my IPTV streams without issues.

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