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May 5, 2008
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Has anyone come across, or does anyone use a TV scheduler that is able to cater for title changes in the EPG ?

I have noticed an increase in last minute changes to the title of TV show names in the EPG being broadcast over DVB-T. This can get quite annoying especially when you have set something to record, only to find it has not recorded due to a last minute EPG change. A typical example of this would be... Say you want to record CSI, you set the recorder to record "every time on this channel". At the last minute, the show name will change to "CSI (includes lotto results)" and of course, the scheduler will not recognise this as something to record and will skip it.

I have read some people mentioning 'For The Record' but it appears that the software was last updated in 2007, and is not compatible with MP

Another option i have looked as is TVWishList. While this application appears to do exactly what i am after, its only drawback is that it requires exiting MP to add/change recording schedules.

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