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Discussion in 'improvement suggestions' started by kkendall, November 29, 2007.

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    I've noticed that when a scheduled show/program has multiple planned recordings and one of the recordings is giving a conflict, ALL of the planned recordings of that show/program give a red dot with an exclamation mark in it instead of just the conflicting recording. This is really confusing in my opinion.
    In my view it should just show the exclamation mark with the conflicting recording, not all the recordings of that show.

    An option to turn off the folders in the recordings and scheduled section. I understand that in some cases it's preferred to devide these section in two parts. But in most cases that I use these sections, I find it more orderly to see everything sorted by date, no matter if shows have the same name or not.

    I'd like to suggest the following option or change:
    When a recordings starts (and so, is no longer scheduled), put it into the recorded programs area where one can watch it at any time. Now MP cannot put shows that are currently being recorded, into the recorded TV list.
    It makes things less orderly and it's harder to see what's going on at the moment.

    If I want to record just a single show, so nothing scheduled after that, I first hit record on the show in the tvguide, than hit OK on the show I want to record in the recordsettings section. But if the chosen show is giving a conflict, it is not mentioned! Only when you schedule a show in one way or the other, it mentions the conflicts. It should also mention conflicts when recording a show for just one time or episode.

    I hope you guys like my suggestions and that it can be implemented in the near future! :) :D
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    October 24, 2007
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    Have you heard anything about this recently? Maybe a workaround of sorts? This is incredibly annoying. :)

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