Reload all movies from database on each start plugin from main screen


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September 30, 2009
How to reload all movies from database on each start plugin form main screen?

I have home server with my media and master "moving pictures" with importer.
I use MPSync for replicate changes in movingpicrutes.db3 for all of my clients.

But i have one problem - new movies displayed in client only after restart mediaportal.

I think, the plugin (MovingPictures) loading movies one time during initialize plugin.
Please advice, how to patch the source for reload movies each time, when i start moving pictures from main menu of Moving Pictures.


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  • March 10, 2006
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    @Parkan, any MovPic that does the actual importing will display movies immediatly after they are added. You will have to ask the developers of MPSync for a solution to properly use the MovPic API to simulate/activate the same action. Running server+client is unsupported by MovPic as-is, but otherwise MediaPortal v2 might be a solution for you.

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