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What buttons are important for you?

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  • May 8, 2008
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    Hi Dear CouchPotato Users!

    After a really long period without free time I am now finally back on developing CouchPotato!
    The next update will be based on the previous version with some improvements and some fixes. After that I will switch to version 2.0 (free update) which will be a complete rewrite (started this afternoon) with more flexible navigation structure and mp-extended integration.

    From the feedback I got for version 1 I got the impression that the remote view is too crowded with buttons, and that those buttons are too small and too close to each other. I want to fix that, but to do that I need to know what buttons you are really using and what buttons are the most important to you.

    This will be the first of several polls I will put out in the planning phase, so if you want to take influence in how future versions of CouchPotato will develop this is your chance!

    Thanks a lot,

    P.S.: Yes, iPad support is still planned. Version two will be built with that in mind so that it hopefully won't be too hard to write a native interface for the iPad.


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  • July 25, 2010
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    Nice to see you back at couchePotato :)
    An EPG button would be nice ;)


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    Although i might be a bit offtopic here, what i would love to see would be a way, to use couch potato to list available series (prefrably with the ability to hide watched episodes) from MPTVSERIES plugin and then select one to play it in mediaportal...

    And the same for mymovies or movingpictures plugin.

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